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Diprose - Italy

Andrew and Patrizia along with their two sons, live and work in the chaotic, sprawling, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, city of Rome. It is known as the world capital of Roman Catholicism and because of this, many of its citizens feel secure in their religious rituals rather than having a personal relationship with Christ and depending on Him for salvation. Islam is the second religion in Rome. Rome boasts one of the largest mosques in Europe and many of the non-Europeans living there or passing through are Muslims.


Andrew, whilst also mentoring Italians and Counselling Italian men one on one, focuses mainly on evangelising South Asian migrants. Patrizia spends most afternoons over seeing their children’s home work (they have much home work to do – especially Alan) and in the mornings has various activities which she is involved in: Women’s Bible studies, cleaning the Centro Agape for Migrants, helping to prepare food parcels which are given to the poor through the local assembly’s food bank and so on. Patrizia is also involved in hospital visitation.


Our goal is to co-operate with other cross-cultural workers in Rome towards the goal of reaching South Asian peoples in Rome with the Gospel. One way we reach out to the many migrants in Rome is through the Centro Agape per Migranti – we encounter people from India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and China, people to whom we teach Italian or English.


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